e-Learning software so bright, smart, convenient and agile.

GraspLink Learning Management System (LMS) online tool makes easy the management and delivery of self-paced e-learning courses. GraspLink will take you step by step into online training.

* Get started fast.
Use the presentation and documents you already have, create content online, include videos and any type of resources.
* Assess performance.
Online tests and assignments for grading.
* Simplify communication.
One place for all messages, and even automatic emails to follow-up.
* Review course progress.
It tracks everything for you, as effective as in face to face settings.

How does it works?

GraspLink lets you publish courses, put them into an online catalog, and enroll learners. Then learners can login into the LMS with a browser and start their courses. The LMS tracks and reports all the activities. All the essential e-learning features are packed into the GraspLink Learning Management System. GraspLink is a fully featured secure online training system (LMS/LCMS).

Training and learning wherever you are, at anytime - deliver knowledge just the way you designed it.

Use the GraspLink Learning Management System to deliver customized learning and training courses, for your customers or for your entire organization - employees, collaborators, partners or students. The GraspLink LMS connects all your learning participants in a simple yet powerful way, providing easy access to the courses at the time and place best - suited for the learner or at the time indicated by the trainer. Anyone can instantly learn and grasp key concepts for constructing desired knowledge, competencies and abilities.
Match any organization size and type.

With the GraspLink LMS, you will have the best type of LMS that top and large organizations use but with all the simplicity and flexibility you need for a learning management system, with an excellent price for any organization size. It has all the tools you need to deliver your training courses and material, guaranteed! Visit the GraspLink LMS Tour for more information. Whether you are a global company like Google, a state hospital with multiple branches, a small college or an independent training professional, the GraspLink LMS is the right fit for you and your learners with its
easy-to-use interface.

The GraspLink Learning Management System is very intuitive and simple to use for any type of learner or trainer. Everything is in the right place. Everything is simple to use. There's only one simple step for the most used frequently actions, so you will find it to be the simplest program you have ever used for training. Just Sign Up for the free 30-day trial to see how easy is to provide online learning. Need to review more first? Go to GraspLink LMS tour for a complete yet fast and simple overview of the GraspLink LMS features; check the screenshots and demonstration videos.
It’s an online service.

The GraspLink Learning Management System (LMS/LCMS) is a fully online service, so you can completely forget about technical details and work. There's no need to installing complex software programs, or invest in hardware, connectivity, security, or expensive IT support. You get the GraspLink LMS in a software-as-a Service (SaaS) fashion. Start deploying online courses, training and e-learning immediately, while saving money compared to having your own LMS installation.

Have questions and need assistance on how to do
e-learning and online training?

We have a team of professionals that can help with any type of e-learning question. Quality service and the success of your e-learning training programs is our mission. Feel free to ask our team of experts at any time, and they will be more than happy to answer.
Do you need a training and e-learning solution? Do you want to focus on delivering training and avoid the hassle of technology setup? Do you need full LMS support?

the GraspLink LMS gives you a full-featured solution to cover all your needs. With GraspLink, you can get a complete LMS in 60 seconds, customize it in minutes and start delivering your learning material and courses within the first day. All you and your learners have to do is to login to your GraspLink LMS using a Web browser.

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C.R. Oldham
Former Senior Systems Engineer, Information Technology NCA CASI / SACSCASI Arizona
"They have been very responsive and a pleasure to work with."
Roy Thomasson
Young America's Business Trust
Washington, D.C.

"Very good to excellent"
Gustaf Neumann
Vienna University
"This Learning Management System provides a comprehensive suite of collaboration tools, a flexible toolset for innovation, and an enterprise-class infrastructure for scalable deployment"

Success story:

The Medical Center of Central Georgia:

The Medical Center of Central Georgia (MCCG) is part of the Central Georgia Health System, the 2nd largest hospital in the state of Georgia.

The challenge: With any large organization, in this case one with over 7000 personnel, the main challenge is how to train on time and keep track of training for all levels, which is a particular challenge in the medical sector, where there is a need to comply with a great number of federal and state regulations. There is no time to focus on technology maintenance; they needed a full-featured solution that allows on-demand, remote, self-service training for their whole workforce. Additionally, MCCG had a strong need for a robust and simple-to-use tool for SCORM course delivery and tracking and for the ability to integrate existing training courses in the market. Also, MCCG needed to integrate their account Active Directory system into the LMS.

The GraspLink LMS solution: MCCG chose our plans, immediately started using the GraspLink LMS, and got on their way to delivering training. MCCG's Active Directory was integrated into their GraspLink LMS account so the hospital workforce could login to the system with their standard hospital system user accounts.

Advantages for MCCG:
  • Simple and fast training delivery. Easy to upload courses.
  • Saves thousands of dollars per year in online training compared to traditional training.
  • IT software and hardware savings of tens of thousands of dollars in setup and installation costs.
  • Excellent customer service. No extra costs for maintenance.
  • No extra accounts to be created due to active directory integration.
  • Not need for the MCCG IT department to spend time install and maintaining the LMS.

GraspLink is the best LMS | Learning Management System
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