GraspLink Videos

Welcome to GraspLink, on this page you will be able to review the videos we have prepared for you.
Check out our Getting Started Video and in just a few minutes you will see everything that GraspLink can do for you.

Then continue with the rest of the videos that cover in greater detail the most usual tasks you will be performing on GraspLink, these videos will show you how to take full advantage of what GraspLink has to offer.

Getting Started

Quickly discover what GraspLink has to offer and what it can do for you.

Learning Content Creation

Learn how to create and add content to your course right from your browser.

Manage Your Course

Check how to add learners and trainers to your course and track their activity.

Commuicate with GraspLink

Get to know the GraspLink LMS message boards.

Test Creation

Learn how to create great interactive tests for your students.

Uploading Files

Learn how to upload and manage your files from GraspLink.

Organize your Grading Scheme

Learn how tests, assignments and other activities will help you to grade your students on GraspLink.

Check on Your Students

Learn how to check the progress and involvenment of your students.