With our powerful online training software you will be able to:

*Train fast while spending less time in training and getting better results.
*Make your learners even more competitive!
*Deliver training as fast as your products, services and processes need it.
*Make sure training is done well, and that updates to training happen on time.
*Automatic assess performance.
*Follow-up on everything that matters on training, and focus on results!
*Everybody avoids the hassle of meeting, commuting and travel for work training, and at the same time your learners will progress at their own pace while you setup the deadlines!

Online training made easy

You already know it, training takes time, and it varies from learner to learner, some get it fast, some need more time, some have previous experience, some require more background information to understand and make sense of the course topics. All those issues are taken care of in online training.

Now, how to do online training? with GraspLink easy user interface, it will guide you into a very simple and practical set of steps for you as a trainer and course creator, and the same to your learners. You will see how easy is to do and take an e-Learning course.

You don’t need any prior experience on e-Learning or related topics, you just really need to know about the subject that you want to train about, or have the subject matters experts that will create the course. Probably you already have some material, you may have done few or several face to face trainings, so that is your staring point, you can create online courses based on that! Actually, that is how it is done by the professionals!. Don’t worry about do it wrong, GraspLink will take you into the best e-Learning experience as a trainer and as a learner.

But Here's Where It Gets Tricky…

Not all the course material is created equal and not all the audiences or learners have the same needs. So, What kind of web resources should I use? and how to get the best of them? Well that is an important question, and the truth is: you probably already have the answer for it.

Have you done any training before in a face to face fashion?, probably, then, what type of training material, activities and test you do at the classroom? For instance, if you basically use power point, then use it online, GraspLink will get it online for you. The same with other type of documents. But what about what you say in a face to face presentation, how to do it online? there are several ways, but the top choice is to simply use supporting documents or extend your presentations to make sure all is loud and clear.

There are many new and innovative resources that you would like to use. Maybe if you video tape yourself from your own computer explaining some topics, or if you find some good resources in youtube, or upload a podcast and simple .mp3 audio file; You can be as creative as you want. But for an easy start, we have identified that the basics are good enough for most of the cases.

And GraspLink will give you the right alternatives for you to perform online training. You can create courses, and you can decide what type of interaction you want to have with your learners, either none, just for questions, or create online learning conversations and discussions on use-cases and so on.

The Answer is GraspLink

GraspLink online training software is designed to help you in creating and delivering online training.

With GraspLink online learning has never been so easy. In just minutes you can upload your own content, enhance it, create new content, and assess your learners. Solve questions, elaborate scenarios, etc. Always keeping an eye on everything that is going on, while the web-based training software automatically grade them. A single solution, all in one place.

How Does GraspLink Help You?

With any subscription you will be able to:
  • Setup the right online environment for your training needs and the competences you want to develop with you learners.
  • Deliver the right training material at the right time, and make sure that they are using it.
  • Assess learning performance, and help those that require additional or extra training.
  • Either self-training or with any level of interaction with the trainer, setup your online training program.
  • Manage all your training in one single place, even face to face training can be managed at GraspLink!
  • Focus on results, rather than on tools or complex software.
  • Have a hand nearby with our team of e-Learning consultants for any questions regarding e-Learning!

With all this, GraspLink set you in the right path for a successful online training program today!

GraspLink provides you four major advantages for you training programs challenges and to overcome the online training major pitfalls. With GraspLink you will have the ability to:
  1. Multiply training reach, choose your online interaction strategy
  2. Achieve a consistent concept and knowledge training for every group at any time and even with different trainers
  3. Faster knowledge transfer, follow up learning progress and continuous knowledge reinforce
  4. Easy to assess performance

Advantage #1: Multiply your training reach, choose your online interaction strategy

In traditional training settings, the cost of a training program (in transportation, commuting, room settings, equipment, and many others) is directly proportional to the reach that you want to have for that program. In other words, the more people you want to reach, the more it costs.

With GraspLink all those cost are automatically eliminated. You will save time, your time!, because you create the course only once with all the necessary resources, and distribute it as many times as you need. Also you will save time for everybody, since is not required to attend to particular place, and on a given time. The transportation and meeting costs are practically eliminated.

GraspLink allows the learners to have self-paced training and being able to review all the concepts thoroughly, and not in the rush of a traditional course setting with limited available time.

And how to do the online interaction for learning? either self-training or, with low to high interactivity with learners:
  • With GraspLink you can setup the interactivity of your course as you wish. Is your course intended to be self-training? so be it!
  • Are you planning to solve questions online? your learners can ask and you can answer, GraspLink make it as simple as that.
  • Do you want deeper and more meaningful online discussion for knowledge construction, just plan your activity and develop it online within your GraspLink online training software.
And this do not ends here, GraspLink tracks everything that is going on in your training program, and grade the progress of the students for you.

Advantage #2: Achieve a consistent concept and knowledge training for every group at any time and even with different trainers

So the benefit is not only to setup a given course and reproduce it as many times as needed, but that the topics being transferred to your employees, collaborators, customers, is the same in every single aspect every single time, that’s what we call consistent knowledge transfer. And that is a powerful key benefit, since you will have the same knowledge for everyone in your organization, or with customers, or any type of learner that needs that knowledge, even if you are not in charge of the course! The same knowledge today and tomorrow all delivered within your own private and custom GraspLink web-based training software.

The same happens when you update your course content, or when you create new learning units, everybody gets the same training, every time.

What about involving new trainers? are you delegating the training to be done by someone else? to answer the questions of learners? Not a problem, the course is still the same, no matter if you have multiple trainers, or do it all by yourself.

Advantage #3: Faster knowledge transfer, follow up learning progress and continuous knowledge reinforcement

Today’s knowledge economy, where market conditions change continuously, you need a tool where you are able to communicate new products, services, processes, and others to your collaborators, employees, customers as soon as you have the all the material ready. Nothing more, nothing less.

GraspLink allows to delivery knowledge at the right time, and leave the course knowledge available for learners as long as it is necessary. Choose who needs more, who need less, and who is not longer required to have access to the learning material.

You can also follow up learning progress, find out who has trouble and take actions to help them: Have you identified someone with a trouble within the course? take action, send him more content, assign him to a new course and put new test to verify knowledge acquisition.

Advantage #4: Easy to assess performance

Is all about making sure that your learners are getting the knowledge and the necessary competences. Therefore with GraspLink you are able to see what are they doing within the course, when, how many times. Are they reading all the learning course material? How often do the login, or study for that matter? who is online? who has the best performance and who has not even put a minute on the training?. All those questions are answered in GraspLink.

But there is more: Assess learning with simple and automatically graded online tests. You can make sure they are getting the knowledge properly. Use randomized questions to serve different test to the learners. And if you want to go deeper about assessing their learning, try open questions! Or give them assignments if you need to asses more complex topics, for any scenario that you might think about.

Who should be using GraspLink?

  • Training professionals and professors that want to deliver online courses.
  • Managers that want their products, services and processes to be clear for their employees, collaborators, customers and providers.
  • Sales managers and marketers that want to train their sales force and customer representatives, to have a deep understanding on the products in order to interact properly with customers.
  • Independent consultants, that as part of their services have to train, and want a thorough process yet simple to do it.

So What's a Tool like this Worth to You?

Consider the fact that you have to do training, either you already do it or your are planning to do it. How much time will be spent? Are there any travel costs involved? Where are you going to do the training? The list of expenses just goes on and on and it can easily reach the thousands of dollars even for a small sized organization. Choose GraspLink today and start saving time and money delivering successful online training today!

Risk Nothing with Our 30-Day FREE trial!

Yes, you can start doing online training now, and for 30 days without commitment. You pay monthly, with the option to cancel the service at any time. Remember, the first 30 days are completely free!

Are you ready to start an easy path to online training within your organization?

Here is what some our customers say about GraspLink technology:

Dear GraspLink,
Thank you for providing a full-featured Online Training Software for burgeoning educational service providers. As both a professional educator and a student I have had the opportunity to both provide content and learn through various Online Training Software services, and your GraspLink platform is exceptional in every way! The ease of access through your web-based program provides a seamless experience for both the content creator and the student. I spent a considerable amount of time searching for a Web-Based Training Software that could meet my needs from my entry into the on-line education market through to my projected expansion, I can say without any hesitation I have found your company has met all my needs and more! Other services that would provide host and course development were well outside my budget and extremely expensive and prohibitive based on initial and long-term costs. The packages provided by GraspLlink are well structured and extremely competitive! The process of creating an account, log-in and content transfer were simple, fast and reliable. Your customer service has been communicating and responding to all my emails and questions has provided a wealth of knowledge and understanding which has far exceeded any customer service experience I have had to date. I look forward to my experiences and long-term relationship with your organization. Thank you for bringing an affordable solution to the on-line education and training community, I wish you continued success and will be recommending GraspLink to all my colleagues! Sincerely,

Leonard "Ted" Szczawinski
Education Director
Sterling Consultants LLC

"They have been very responsive and a pleasure to work with."
C.R. Oldham
Former Senior Systems Engineer, Information Technology NCA CASI / SACSCASI Arizona

"Very good to excellent"
Roy Thomasson
Young America's Business Trust
Washington, D.C.

"This Online Training Software provides a comprehensive suite of collaboration tools, a flexible toolset for innovation, and an enterprise-class infrastructure for scalable deployment"
Gustaf Neumann
Vienna University of Economics and Business

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